Greetings from Discworld!

Hello, and welcome to discoworld, a role playing game (RPG) about Discworld nightlife. This can involve anything you like, from meetings at the Thieves Guild to Mrs. Cake doing a seance. We only request that characters be somewhat known and from the earlier books so that most people can follow along. No original characters will be permitted at this time.

Right now we are looking for players. People who can devote at least three or more hours per week to the game are preferred. If you would like a minor role instead, so that you can participate but not be as involved, that should be okay as well. Please only apply if you actually have read at least part of the series.

Here is a list of suggested characters - the taken ones are in strike-out:

Archchancellor Ridcully
C.M.O.T. Dibbler
Carrot Ironfounderson
Cohen the Barbarian
Death of Rats & Quoth
Granny Weatherwax
Leonard of Quirm
Lieutenant Angua
Mrs. Cake
Nanny Ogg
Nobby Nobbs
Old Man Bucket
Perdita X (Agnus)
Ponder Stibbons
Sam Vimes
Sergeant Colon
The Librarian
The Senior Wrangler
The Lecturer of Recent Runes

You are free to add a character from the books if it is not listed above.

This RPG is up and running as of January 2005. Please send an e-mail to discoworld [at] stating your name, which character you'd like to play, which username you'd like, and how much time you can devote per week to this RPG. You will not be able to comment to this entry, so any questions you have should also be sent via e-mail.

Here's hoping...

New RPG community.

In case you have not already seen, there is a new Discworld role playing game called discoworld. It is based on Discworld nightlife.

Please feel free to give it a look and join in. There are still several spots available for players. The formal list is up at the community, as well as instructions on how to join.